What Our Customers Have To Say

I have a family moving in to The Bellaire Senior Lodge, Patrick & Fran at have gone out of the way for senior client I referred who has been falling at her traditional apartment. She is only 65 and has Lupus. She was looking for an Independent  living with a Maintenance Free Living with onsite home care and meals. Patrick has through hurdles to get this resident moved forward! Way to go Patrick...You are a Hero!

 1. Patrick contact the owner of the current traditional apartment after my family was told they could not break their lease by the onsite apartment manager. Patrick called the owner if the complex and explained the situation they agreed it was not safe for the resident to stay and agreed to let her out of the lease immediately due to safety.

2. My referral is having surgery this week and since she has no family here in Texas, The community is driving her for surgery and taking her back home. They are going to look after her dog while she is down.

3. Family wanted wood flooring so wood is going in! They agreed to split that cost because the carpet was new! The family thought that was completely fair!

4. Patrick is sending movers to move my referral in  because she won't be able to do the move herself. 

Way to go Patrick and Fran...Thanks for your help!!!!

Susan Waller

On the 28th of February, we moved my mother into The Bellaire Senior Lodges. They have around the clock assistance. They have a cook with great food. It's only about 4 or 5 minutes from my house right there on Cypresswood Drive in Spring. She has a beautiful room with most everything that she had from the other community. Everything is brand new and she can see out into the dining room and the kitchen, so I told her it's been really like sitting in your own living room looking out to the rest of the house. 

They treat the people like royalty. There's five different living
rooms to sit in and watch television. There is a 55 inch TVs on their bedroom walls. Each room has its own separate heating and air conditioning unit. Her bathroom is so big she has two dressers in it. And a walk in closet. There's a doctor who visits. They have full beauty shop. 

Art, my husband, noticed one day that all of the large bronze fountains, which there's three of them, all work off of swimming pool filtered water. If you're thinking about moving a parent or relative that's in older years, plan to go visit, it's a beautiful place.

Susna Byram, Ella's Daughter

I love being Director of The Bellaire Lodges. It is nice working at a community that is locally owned and operated. The Bellaire is ritzy and true luxury living. I can't wait to meet our next resident! Call today and schedule a tour with me!!!

Katherine Appodaca

I have only been here 3 days and have only Great things to say about The Bellaire.
The Staff is Great and always there to help in any way. The Food is delicious and prepared the way I like it.
Everyone is cooperative and nice.

Mary Reynolds